About school:


Sunrise Global School is a unit of "Sunrise group of Schools" Inheriting a rich legacy passed on to it by, its sister institution, the school will take pride in being one of the sterling Co-educational public school, to provide high standards, Modern education and pedagogical facilities, rich curriculum and clean environment shaping the child's overall personality enabling them to develop a strong and confident self esteem. The school maintains a teachers-pupil ratio 1: 30 to keep pace with the needs of modern times, the school provides equal opportunities to all the learners hailing from all sections of the society, irrespective of caste and creed, fostering an analytical, scientific attitude and an open-minded democratic outlook towards the issue of social environment, ethical and national significance.

The School Curriculum:

The school runs from Nursery to class X11. The first two years of school i.e for age groups 4+ there is no formal education. The process of learning for these tiny tots is purely incidental and accidental. They learn every thing through the play way method. Formal teachings begins from class first, where the children are taught two languages, mathematics and environmental science. NCERT Curriculum is followed till the middle school and at the senior level, the disciplines prescribed by the C.B.S.E. are made available to the students.

School Faculty:

Sunrise Global School has always been emphasizing upon training the intelligence, widening the minds and enlarging its interests. The school has a team of dedicated teachers, well trained intellectuals who are ready to adopt various innovative and communicative approaches to teaching and always try to relate education with practical life.

The School fraternity believes that great art of education consists of teaching the children how to occupy each moment of life in a well directed manner. Well checked out plans, incessant efforts and sense of belong ingness in each faculty member pave the way to success.

To keep the members of staff abreast with the changing ways in modes of teaching and reaching out to the children in the most effective manner, frequent training session and workshops are conducted by the school.