Sunrise Global school always realizes the fact that education does not mean only to impart knowledge to a child. it consists of various other activities that tend to develop the personality of a child. Therefore all the students of the school are divided in to four houses, which derive their names after our great freedom fighters Subhash, Azad, Patel and Gandhi. Each house has its own flag- The symbol of its honor and pride and also its own color

The house in charges, house tutors and the house children always put heart and soul to keep their house flag high. Rolling trophies are awarded to house for achievements in several school activities :

  • Academics
  • Discipline
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Games and sports

The Students exhibit their talents through the competitions held time to time in various fields as in literary activities, Art, Music, Dance, Gardening etc. They also show their caliber in the field of games and sports.

Most important and prestigious literary competitions are G.K. Competition, TSE (Talent Search Exam) and extempore.