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The Sunrise Global School Maintains well planned, Spacious and well equipped laboratories. These laboratories cater copiously to the students of junior, middle and senior school and aid in preparing the senior students for the board exams through experiments and projects carried out by them, under the supervision of qualified staff.

"No gain without pain"

Mathematics Lab:


The School has a mathematics lab to help students to overcome the fear of mathematics, The main objective behind Mathematics lab is to make Students familiar with the concept of mathematics. Models and charts develop a curiosity among the students to learn by doing method.

"Mathematics is the music of reason"

Computer Lab:


In this modern era, when india has set up a milestone in information technology, Computers are the integrals part of life. The school provides computer education to students right from class first onwards. The entire setup is managed by a set of qualified faculties which familiarizes students with every aspect of computers so as to keep themselves abreast with the latest technology.

"Ethics change with technology"